Why clearance

We are a The Cheap Buy owned store, in our case we offer products at $ 0.01 plus the shipping cost including the shipping insurance to cover for products not delivered because of accidents during the transit or damage to the merchandise.

The motive of these prices has 4 objectives:

1- To have available space in our warehouses in China and USA, to receive new merchandise cause the cost of maintaining the old merchandise is very high, even more in the moments of new productions.

2- To reward our loyal clients and new potential clients to test the quality of our new products and our service, in this manner positioning our trademark.

3- To reduce marketing and publicity costs, that in the big picture are higher than rewarding our clients with our products and get recognized quickly by potential clients.

The publicity and marketing expenses are 70% of the cost of positioning a company, pondering the cost of the products, summing to the storage expenses.

Many times, the publicity is ineffective and doesn’t guarantee the permanence of the company, like many have proven so, buying and ad in television space is very expensive with the globalization, you can see commercials from many companies that start with an aggressive publicity and marketing campaign, just to close their doors in 3 or 5 years.

For those reasons, we prefer to do the marketing directly with our products with outstanding prices to our clients and potential clients, that they can benefit and so can ourselves with their recommendation, it’s a two-way street.

4- Generate mouth to mouth marketing: every person that buys our products at this ridiculous price and that is satisfied with the quality, delivery time and service received, is going to recommend our store, our products to their families, friends and every person that they think that can benefit from them.

It’s been proved that mouth to mouth marketing is the most effective marketing in existence, a satisfied client generates 100 recommendations imagine what would be accomplished with 10,000 satisfied clients.

Our desire is to get satisfied clients that hallucinate when they think of our trademark and feel sure that they’re working with the best online store of the planet, with high quality products at acquirable prices.

That every satisfied client turns into a seller and a promotor of our trademark, we have received many reviews from our clients, happy with those offers and that desire that we maintain our online store open forever so they can benefit from it.

Our greatest pride is to go out to the street and see our products with a vast variety of people from all social circles, indicating that our store’s goal is being accomplished.

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